Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

On Monday 14th February all of the year sevens and eights headed to the
street at 8:30am and lined up in their groups that they got put in for Technology. This week is a good start for us because it is a new year back at technology. We have new teachers. My teachers name is Ms Ferguson and she is really funny. The people I sit next to is Rangima and Julie.

When we arrived at graphics we sat down. Ms Ferguson gave all of the stuff we needed. She told us what we were doing and and what we needed to do. The first thing we did was brainstorm about what food we will sell, like at a market or cross country. Most of us drew hot dogs, soup, hot chips, ice cream, hot chocolate, pizza, burgers.

Wood works, science, cooking, electronics: those are the other 4 tech groups. I have been in all of them except electronics because we never had it last year. We swap activities and go into different tech groups. I think that we don't get to try every group because there are too many tech activities.

My favourite activity is cooking because I love to bake.

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